Quality Physio Care in Mandurah Begins with 4 Life Physiotherapy

???????????????????????????????????????? Mandurah residents have access to premiere services at 4 Life Physiotherapy for injuries and conditions ranging from whiplash and overworked muscles to migraines. Treatment and preventative services are offered for every part of the body to aid patients in preserving and improving their overall health and ability to live an active lifestyle.

Massage is one of the physiotherapist’s weapons to combat pain, stiff muscles and tension that can exacerbate injuries. 4 Life Physiotherapy offers massage therapy for rehabilitation, to accelerate the healing process and improve sports performance. Therapeutic massage targets specific problems and can be used to increase blood flow to the affected area, ease swelling and treat sports injuries.   Remedial massage is available for those with sports-related injuries, and clients can avail themselves of deep tissue massage. Trigger point therapy, myofascial release and Swedish massage are all methods used at the practice to facilitate healing, promote relaxation and aid patients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.

A record number of individuals are embarking on exercise programs, but they’re often ill equipped to do so. Improper exercise techniques, failure to stretch and warm up prior to exercise sessions, and specific weaknesses existing in the body all lead to an increase in injuries. Exercise prescriptions tailored to the individual are offered and sessions can be completed in the clinic’s fully equipped gym. Home exercise management programs help with chronic conditions and diseases.

4 Life Physiotherapy provides head to toe pain relief for a comprehensive array of injuries, conditions and diseases. The clinic maintains a strong focus on education to assist patients in preventing and minimizing injuries. The practice provides acupuncture, electrotherapy and manual manipulation to address client complaints and injuries.

Technological advances have provided the means to diagnose and pinpoint the origin of problems quickly and efficiently. The practice employs the GaitScan™ software system that has the ability to locate, assess and offer discreet, custom orthotics for a myriad of conditions that cause foot, leg, hip and back pain. Orthotic devices lend support, relieve pain and correct a variety of foot problems that can cause pain in other parts of the body.

Physiotherapy in Mandurah begins with the dedicated professionals and multiple treatments offered at 4 Life Physiotherapy. The practice is committed to helping patients prevent injuries, locating potential problems, and providing relief for conditions throughout the body that causes pain, suffering and prevents clients from living the life they want and deserve.

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