Evoker Specializes in Sports Injuries and Recoveries


Sports related injuries are often more complicated than other types and require specialized care. Sports physiotherapy is a specialty at Evoker. The practice’s physiotherapists have extensive experience with recreational and elite professional athletes at all levels of skill, training and ability. Therapies are designed to alleviate pain, restore function and assist in rehabilitation needs.

The professionals have an extensive array of therapies at their disposal that can be used singly and as complementary options, depending on the needs of the patient. A customized treatment, management and rehabilitation program is developed to accommodate the needs of each patient.

A hands-on approach is utilized to diagnose injuries and return clients to their regular training schedule and competitions quickly. Manual manipulation and mobilisation are often used when patients are unable to fully participate in therapeutic movement. They’re effective following surgical interventions and for retraining the body in the proper way to move following extended periods of non-use.

Therapeutic massage is a mainstay of physiotherapy and is particularly effective for treating sports injuries and in preventing future episodes. It’s a versatile and highly effective method that aids the body’s own healing ability and accelerates the process. It eases pain, helps patients regain a full range of motion and keeps soft tissues healthy while they recuperate. It also enhances sports performance.

The benefits of prescription exercise and clinical Pilates are well-documented and utilized to the fullest at Evoker’s fully equipped gym and Pilates studio. Clinical Pilates strengthens the core and pelvic floor, builds stamina and increases stability throughout the entire body. It’s an effective method for treating joint and overuse injuries, restoring motion, alleviating pain, and maintaining the health of soft tissues and nerves.

Pillow assessments are conducted to ensure clients receive a restful and restorative sleep that is essential for healing. A variety of ancillary services facilitates recuperation and helps prevent future injuries. The clinic provides bike fits, adjusting bikes to accommodate the individual’s riding style to increase performance, efficiency and comfort.

Physiotherapy provides multiple methods to address sports injuries and help prevent similar recurrences. The practice’s physiotherapists have worked extensively with recreational and professional athletes. They’re fully cognizant of the unique needs of those in training and involved in competition, providing the therapies that will facilitate the quickest and safest recoveries.

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