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Physiotherapy Frankston Takes a Whole Person Approach to Wellness

physiotherapy3Physiotherapy Bentons Square from Beleura Health Solutions provides patients with pain relief, rehabilitation and assistance with chronic conditions utilizing a whole person wellness model for exceptional patient outcomes. The practice provides care for patients of all ages and stages of life.

Physiotherapy care encompasses multiple techniques and methods that can be used singly and in combination. An individual treatment and management plan is developed for each patient to meet their treatment and wellness goals. Physiotherapy is equally appropriate for those who have undergone surgery, sustained an injury, and athletes who want to improve their performance.

Depending upon the diagnosis, the physiotherapy bentons Square professionals may utilize mobilization and manipulation techniques to retrain the body in the proper way to move and maintain the health of neurological systems and soft tissues. The modalities are particularly important for patients that require long periods of inactivity during recuperation and those who may not be able to fully participate in therapeutic methods.

Exercise is a key element in rehabilitation, but that doesn’t mean a high-energy workout. Clinical Pilates is effective for building core and pelvic strength, balance and stability. The method is appropriate for those who require gentle rehabilitation and for reducing the risk of injuries.

Therapeutic massage and dry needling maintain the health of soft tissues and promotes healing. Massage is particularly effective for those with scar tissue. The techniques have a strong psychological benefit and are an integral part of smoking cessation and anger management programs, along with treating those suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

It’s important for nerves and muscles to maintain tone and strength during extended recuperations and following surgery. Electrotherapy and therapeutic ultrasound relieves pain while maintaining muscle and neurological function.

Hydrotherapy utilizes water to buoy patients, reducing their body weight by 10 percent and enabling them to perform movements that might not be possible on dry land. It builds stability, endurance and strength and is especially effective for those with joint and neurological disorders.

Physiotherapy Frankston utilizes a whole person approach to wellness that incorporates multiple methods. The modalities are designed to alleviate pain, rehabilitate injuries and address neurological function to improve quality of life.

Located at 207 Dunns Road. in Mornington, the practice can be reached by phone at (03) 5975 0620, via email at or by visiting Beleura Health Solutions online. The firm maintains a presence on Facebook and Twitter.


Website Practice Design Specializes in SEO for a Better Bottom Line

A major component of Chiropractic website design is search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that boost a practice’s rankings in search engine results. There are many ways to accomplish that goal, a task at which Practice Website Design excels. The agency is a full-service web design and marketing firm that specializes in websites for individuals in the medical profession.

SEO practices and techniques have evolved significantly over the years and it’s now a sophisticated art form that assists in building brands, ranking highly in search engine results, and increasing business visibility. Strategic marketing relies heavily on SEO for patient acquisition. The search for a chiropractor often starts online and is typically conducted from a mobile device.

Search engines utilize algorithms to “read” websites, enabling them to they display correctly. An effective technique is responsive design that eliminates the need for a separate website for mobile devices. In years past, business owners were required to maintain a traditional website and one created specifically for mobile devices.

Keywords are an essential element in SEO design. They’re the words and terms Internet users are most likely to use when searching for a specific product or service. Those words can be incorporated into websites and emphasized through press releases and social media.

SEO techniques encompass blogging, creating back-links, the way a website is set up and even the ease with which visitors navigate the site. Each SEO technique is designed to relate directly back to the chiropractor’s website, making it easy for potential patients to locate them online.

Colors used in a website, logo integration, and banners are all facets of SEO that can be utilized to drive traffic to websites and increase patient awareness. An optimized website works 24 hours a day to acquire new patients, obtain more referrals and increase revenue.

Practitioners whose websites rank highly in search engine results are perceived by potential patients as more professional, reputable and knowledgeable. That’s an unbeatable combination for chiropractors who want to boost revenues across the board.

For more information, contact Mauger by phone at 03 9712 0723, via email at or visit Practice Website Design online.

Fairfield Physiotherapy Releases Top 10 Reasons for Athletic Injuries

A wide range of injuries can occur during sporting activities and Fairfield Physiotherapy is a leader in the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries through sports physiotherapy. Many of the injuries sustained during professional, amateur and recreational sports can be prevented and the practice has released its Top 10 causes that contribute to sports injuries.

Fairfield Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre provides evidence-based therapies to treat injuries, alleviate pain and return patients to their favorite activities. The practice utilizes multiple techniques and advanced technology that includes therapeutic massage and dry needling, joint mobilisation and manipulation, and clinical Pilates to alleviate pain, maintain neurological and soft tissue health, and facilitate recoveries.

Knowing the potential risk factors for sports injuries can significantly reduce the incidence and Fairfield Physiotherapy has identified the Top 10 reasons the majority of sports related injuries are sustained. They are:

  1. Overuse injuries resulting from repetitive motion that especially affects those in sports ranging from swimming and running to tennis, pitching and golfing
  2. Improper equipment leads to a variety of injuries, from racquets that are too heavy to shoes that don’t provide enough support
  3. Injuries resulting from new or increased activity levels are especially prevalent in the spring and when people begin an unfamiliar sports endeavor
  4. Poor posture and improper techniques while participating in sports or training activities result in pain, pulls and spasms
  5. Fatigue is often the culprit when people don’t recover sufficiently between activities and is the leading cause of pulled muscles
  6. Insufficient warm-ups and preparation before training, competition and recreational participation
  7. Falls are one of the most common causes of wrist sprains and torn ligaments
  8. Unilateral movements are those that require specific movements primarily on one side of the body, placing additional stress on the weaker muscles on the opposite side
  9. Sharp starts, stops and twists result in a high incidence of ankle, knee and shoulder injuries
  10. Impact injuries range from head trauma to those resulting from repeated impacts on hard surfaces

The techniques and technology at Fairfield Physiotherapy provide therapeutic methods to relieve pain, treat and rehabilitate sports injuries. The physiotherapy professionals have extensive experience with the unique range of injuries and complications that can occur among athletes of all ages and levels of ability.

For more information, call (03) 9489 7744 or visit Fairfield Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre online.

Melbourne TMJ Centre Offers Specialised Treatment for Jaw Pain

The professionals at jaw pain Melbourne have a passion for treating, relieving and preventing current and future episodes of TMJ pain. The Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre utilizes multiple physiotherapy techniques to address the underlying cause of TMJ pain. Those who suffer from TMJ disorder are not alone and the condition is far more prevalent than many believe.

TMJ disorders affect the jaw joint, the “hinge” that enables the jaw to open, close and chew. While many sufferers typically assume the condition appears suddenly, it begins slowly and most patients miss the early warning symptoms or attribute it to something else entirely. TMJ disorders escalate over time and can be helped with the aid of physiotherapy.

The painful condition is caused by multiple factors that include trauma, damage or a blow to the jaw joint. Arthritis associated with chronic disease, dental procedures and bite problems, and foods that require extra effort to chew can also be the culprits.

Many individuals clench their teeth due to stress during the day and grind them while they sleep, causing and exacerbating the problem without realizing it. Poor posture and sleep positions, along with insufficient pillow and mattress support can aggravate the problem. In the most severe cases, the jaw can lock making it impossible to open and close the mouth.

People with TMJ disorder may experience any combination of the following:

  • Clicking, popping or grating noises that are felt and heard while chewing
  • Pain or swelling in one or both jaw joints on the side of the face
  • Headaches upon waking
  • Pain that can extend to the neck and upper shoulders
  • Difficulty hearing
  • Ringing in the ear
  • Dizziness

Physiotherapy provides multiple therapies to address TMJ pain, from specialised exercises, craniosacral massage and manipulation, to an oral appliance that prevents nocturnal grinding. Therapies can be used alone or in combination, depending upon the cause and severity of the condition.

Stress reduction techniques are effective for addressing daytime teeth clenching and therapists can provide information on sleep positioning, pillows and mattresses that will reduce the risk of future occurrences. Ultrasound therapy may also be employed, along with heat and cold therapies.

TMJ disorder is a common condition and patients will benefit from the intervention of a jaw pain Melbourne physiotherapist. The highly trained clinicians will take a multi-faceted approach to relieve pain, restore function and reduce the risk of another episode.

Located at 1199 High St. in Armadale, Australia, the practice can be reached by phone at (03) 9824 8868 or by visiting Melbourne TMJ Centre online.



Whittlesea Physiotherapy Provides Long-Term Relief for Migraine and Tension Headaches

headacheWhittlesea is a preferred destination for individuals with injuries, chronic conditions, pain and dysfunction, and those who require physiotherapy for rehabilitation. The practice provides professional expertise, advanced technology and an extensive array of therapeutic techniques to quickly return patients to their normal range of activities.

Physiotherapy is effective for maintaining fitness, treating injuries and rehabilitation, but what many individuals don’t know is that chronic and migraine headaches can be treated with physiotherapy techniques. Approximately 3 million people in Australia suffer with debilitating migraines and 7 million experience tension headaches.

Adults and children experience migraines and the condition typically manifests in childhood, but aren’t recognized for what they are. Migraine and tension type headaches are the most common forms, seriously affecting academic performance of children and resulting in a significant amount of lost work time and productivity for adults.

The pain and debilitating effects of headache disorder is extremely difficult to understand for those who haven’t experienced it. The World Health Organization classifies migraines and tension headaches as a neurological disorder, but officials there note that many physicians continue to perceive headaches as a minor inconvenience and a trivial complaint.

Physiotherapy offers multiple methods for the treatment of headaches and prevention of future episodes. Many headache disorders are the result of neck misalignments that cause irritation to surrounding nerves. Specialized exercises may be prescribed and treatment options may be used as stand-alone therapies or in tandem with others, depending upon the exact cause of the condition.

Joint and soft tissue mobilisation or traction may be employed to place the neck in correct alignment. Electrotherapy, dry needling and therapeutic massage are effective in relieving pain, inflammation and stiffness. When the neck is misaligned, it also affects the spine and patients can benefit from a postural assessment.

Physiotherapy professionals provide advice on ergonomics, workstation set up and other accommodations that can be made that fosters proper posture and relieves tension on the neck. Patients receive information about pillows and mattresses that provide the support critical for the neck and spine, appropriate sleep positions, and devices for alleviating stress on the body during slumber.

Treatment and long-term relief for headache disorders are available at Whittlesea Physiotherapy. The practice provides patients with numerous therapies and the means to prevent recurrences, resulting in an improved quality of life free of the debilitating pain that accompanies migraines and tension headaches.

For more information, call 03 9716 2250 or visit Whittlesea Physiotherapy online.

Glen Waverley Dietician Provides Specialised Nutrition Services

dietetics imageThe services of a Glen Waverley dietician utilize food and nutrition to help patients manage and prevent chronic diseases, address gastrointestinal disorders and maximize nutrition for athletes. Despite increased awareness about nutrition, many individuals are placing themselves at risk through improper diet and detrimental dieting practices. The dietician at Waverley Central Chiropractic is an expert in nutrition and health for multiple needs.

Depending upon the needs of the patient, the services of the dietician can be used as a stand-alone therapy or used in conjunction with chiropractic techniques, therapeutic massage and sleep posture therapies for a whole person wellness strategy. Dieticians are food experts that utilize natural, non-invasive and scientifically-based principles to boost and maintain health with personalized plans.

Food and emotions form a strong psychological element that can drive people to consume the wrong foods and eat even when they feel full. A Glen Waverley dietician assists patients understand emotional eating through counseling and provide support and motivation. With the help of a dietician, patients can lose weight in a healthy manner, prevent health conditions, and manage an extensive number of chronic diseases.

Each patient receives a dietary plan tailored to their individual needs and goals. Dietetics is effective in managing conditions ranging from high blood pressure and cholesterol to diabetes, insulin resistance and the effects of cancer treatments. The specialists aid athletes involved in training programs and competition with nutritional strength.

Food allergies, sensitivity and intolerances to certain foods can wreak havoc on those trying to live a healthy lifestyle, leading to serious health concerns and nutritional deficits. A dietician provides valuable advice on foods that will mitigate symptoms and manage conditions that include celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

Many patients are so focused on what they believe they can’t eat that they lose hope. Dieticians focus on the positive aspects, providing encouragement and support for what individuals can do and providing food choices that defy the stereotype of boring. A dietician assists in the successful management of conditions ranging from obesity and kidney disease to Crohn’s disease and liver dysfunction.

From children and pregnant women to the elderly and those with chronic conditions, a Glen Waverley dietician has the science-based knowledge and expertise to assist individuals with their nutritional needs at every stage of life. A dietician can help anyone adopt a healthy and nutritious lifestyle while continuing to enjoy flavorful foods.

For more information, call 03 9545 0278.