Whittlesea Physiotherapy Provides Long-Term Relief for Migraine and Tension Headaches

headacheWhittlesea is a preferred destination for individuals with injuries, chronic conditions, pain and dysfunction, and those who require physiotherapy for rehabilitation. The practice provides professional expertise, advanced technology and an extensive array of therapeutic techniques to quickly return patients to their normal range of activities.

Physiotherapy is effective for maintaining fitness, treating injuries and rehabilitation, but what many individuals don’t know is that chronic and migraine headaches can be treated with physiotherapy techniques. Approximately 3 million people in Australia suffer with debilitating migraines and 7 million experience tension headaches.

Adults and children experience migraines and the condition typically manifests in childhood, but aren’t recognized for what they are. Migraine and tension type headaches are the most common forms, seriously affecting academic performance of children and resulting in a significant amount of lost work time and productivity for adults.

The pain and debilitating effects of headache disorder is extremely difficult to understand for those who haven’t experienced it. The World Health Organization classifies migraines and tension headaches as a neurological disorder, but officials there note that many physicians continue to perceive headaches as a minor inconvenience and a trivial complaint.

Physiotherapy offers multiple methods for the treatment of headaches and prevention of future episodes. Many headache disorders are the result of neck misalignments that cause irritation to surrounding nerves. Specialized exercises may be prescribed and treatment options may be used as stand-alone therapies or in tandem with others, depending upon the exact cause of the condition.

Joint and soft tissue mobilisation or traction may be employed to place the neck in correct alignment. Electrotherapy, dry needling and therapeutic massage are effective in relieving pain, inflammation and stiffness. When the neck is misaligned, it also affects the spine and patients can benefit from a postural assessment.

Physiotherapy professionals provide advice on ergonomics, workstation set up and other accommodations that can be made that fosters proper posture and relieves tension on the neck. Patients receive information about pillows and mattresses that provide the support critical for the neck and spine, appropriate sleep positions, and devices for alleviating stress on the body during slumber.

Treatment and long-term relief for headache disorders are available at Whittlesea Physiotherapy. The practice provides patients with numerous therapies and the means to prevent recurrences, resulting in an improved quality of life free of the debilitating pain that accompanies migraines and tension headaches.

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Glen Waverley Dietician Provides Specialised Nutrition Services

dietetics imageThe services of a Glen Waverley dietician utilize food and nutrition to help patients manage and prevent chronic diseases, address gastrointestinal disorders and maximize nutrition for athletes. Despite increased awareness about nutrition, many individuals are placing themselves at risk through improper diet and detrimental dieting practices. The dietician at Waverley Central Chiropractic is an expert in nutrition and health for multiple needs.

Depending upon the needs of the patient, the services of the dietician can be used as a stand-alone therapy or used in conjunction with chiropractic techniques, therapeutic massage and sleep posture therapies for a whole person wellness strategy. Dieticians are food experts that utilize natural, non-invasive and scientifically-based principles to boost and maintain health with personalized plans.

Food and emotions form a strong psychological element that can drive people to consume the wrong foods and eat even when they feel full. A Glen Waverley dietician assists patients understand emotional eating through counseling and provide support and motivation. With the help of a dietician, patients can lose weight in a healthy manner, prevent health conditions, and manage an extensive number of chronic diseases.

Each patient receives a dietary plan tailored to their individual needs and goals. Dietetics is effective in managing conditions ranging from high blood pressure and cholesterol to diabetes, insulin resistance and the effects of cancer treatments. The specialists aid athletes involved in training programs and competition with nutritional strength.

Food allergies, sensitivity and intolerances to certain foods can wreak havoc on those trying to live a healthy lifestyle, leading to serious health concerns and nutritional deficits. A dietician provides valuable advice on foods that will mitigate symptoms and manage conditions that include celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

Many patients are so focused on what they believe they can’t eat that they lose hope. Dieticians focus on the positive aspects, providing encouragement and support for what individuals can do and providing food choices that defy the stereotype of boring. A dietician assists in the successful management of conditions ranging from obesity and kidney disease to Crohn’s disease and liver dysfunction.

From children and pregnant women to the elderly and those with chronic conditions, a Glen Waverley dietician has the science-based knowledge and expertise to assist individuals with their nutritional needs at every stage of life. A dietician can help anyone adopt a healthy and nutritious lifestyle while continuing to enjoy flavorful foods.

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Doctor in Townsville is a Primary Destination for Medical Services

Townsville is a center for entertainment, cultural pursuits and industry, but when accidents, illness and functionality problems strike residents seek the services of their preferred doctor in Townsville at Strive Health and Physiotherapy. The award-winning practice provides an extensive range of services for patients of all ages to treat new and existing health concerns.
From medical services to physiotherapy, the clinic’s Townsville location employs advanced technology combined with professional expertise to identify, diagnose and treat a myriad of ailments, chronic disease and address physiotherapy needs. The clinic works closely with specialists in multiple disciplines to provide a completely customized treatment and management program.
The doctor in Townsville provides prompt attention for sick children and a full complement of vaccinations are available for children and adults. Patients traveling outside the country have access to information about needed immunizations and any disease outbreaks at the destination country.
Regular gender-specific clinics are conducted to address specific needs that include incontinence and prostate problems to family planning and pre-natal needs. Skin cancer clinics provide early detection for melanoma, one of the most common and dangerous forms of cancer.
Practitioners in Townsville offer advanced medical technology to diagnose and monitor chronic health problems and conditions ranging from osteoarthritis and asthma to diabetes and high blood pressure. The clinic works with a vast network of specialists and hospitals for prompt and convenient referrals when indicated.
The clinic’s specialty services encompass resources that include nutritional education and advice, smoking cessation and weight management programs for a healthier lifestyle. Clinicians make in-home and nursing home visits to provide treatment and palliative care for seniors.
Advanced technology methods provide the means to pinpoint postural and mechanical problems with extreme accuracy, allowing clinicians to create custom management programs that relieve pain and improve overall function. Pain in one part of the body often originates in another area and practitioners have the expertise to pinpoint problems in any part of the body.
The doctor in Townsville provides area residents with medical services that help patients live a healthier, more active lifestyle. Preventative measures are employed and existing problems are treated for a head-to-toe health solution.
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Evoker Specializes in Sports Injuries and Recoveries


Sports related injuries are often more complicated than other types and require specialized care. Sports physiotherapy is a specialty at Evoker. The practice’s physiotherapists have extensive experience with recreational and elite professional athletes at all levels of skill, training and ability. Therapies are designed to alleviate pain, restore function and assist in rehabilitation needs.

The professionals have an extensive array of therapies at their disposal that can be used singly and as complementary options, depending on the needs of the patient. A customized treatment, management and rehabilitation program is developed to accommodate the needs of each patient.

A hands-on approach is utilized to diagnose injuries and return clients to their regular training schedule and competitions quickly. Manual manipulation and mobilisation are often used when patients are unable to fully participate in therapeutic movement. They’re effective following surgical interventions and for retraining the body in the proper way to move following extended periods of non-use.

Therapeutic massage is a mainstay of physiotherapy and is particularly effective for treating sports injuries and in preventing future episodes. It’s a versatile and highly effective method that aids the body’s own healing ability and accelerates the process. It eases pain, helps patients regain a full range of motion and keeps soft tissues healthy while they recuperate. It also enhances sports performance.

The benefits of prescription exercise and clinical Pilates are well-documented and utilized to the fullest at Evoker’s fully equipped gym and Pilates studio. Clinical Pilates strengthens the core and pelvic floor, builds stamina and increases stability throughout the entire body. It’s an effective method for treating joint and overuse injuries, restoring motion, alleviating pain, and maintaining the health of soft tissues and nerves.

Pillow assessments are conducted to ensure clients receive a restful and restorative sleep that is essential for healing. A variety of ancillary services facilitates recuperation and helps prevent future injuries. The clinic provides bike fits, adjusting bikes to accommodate the individual’s riding style to increase performance, efficiency and comfort.

Physiotherapy provides multiple methods to address sports injuries and help prevent similar recurrences. The practice’s physiotherapists have worked extensively with recreational and professional athletes. They’re fully cognizant of the unique needs of those in training and involved in competition, providing the therapies that will facilitate the quickest and safest recoveries.

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Massage Therapy has Multiple Applications at AusHealth Physio


Therapeutic massage is a mainstay at Aushealth Physiotherapy. It’s effective for relieving pain, maintaining range of movement and as an aid in rehabilitation. Massage Brookvale can be relaxing, but when performed by one of the clinic’s experienced physiotherapists, it has the ability to accelerate healing, remove toxins from the body and enhance sports performance.

The practice provides remedial, deep tissue and sports massage, each of which has its own particular set of benefits. Massage is helpful in rehabilitating current and previous injuries, and those with chronic pain and disease. It’s especially beneficial for patients that have developed scar tissue.

Remedial massage is an integral element in stress management, to fight fatigue and for patients with low energy levels. It works with the body’s own healing mechanisms, stimulates the immune system and helps remove toxins from the body. Individuals suffering with the pain of tension and migraine headaches will find relief through massage.

The method is effective for addressing pain in the neck, back and shoulders arising from a wide variety of causes, ranging from improper sleep positions to repetitive motion problems. Remedial massage helps correct postural imbalances and resulting dysfunction.

Sports massage is one of the fastest growing types of therapy and is regularly utilized by premiere athletes around the world as part of their elite training programmes. It’s effective in preventing injuries, keeping soft tissues flexible and improving circulation. Sports massage stimulates the immune system, helps removes metabolic wastes resulting from intense exercise, and improves power and performance.

It’s an important therapeutic technique for easing the pain of injuries and identifying potential problem areas within the body where injuries are most likely to occur. Therapeutic massage shortens recovery time following training and competition. Massage therapy accelerates healing and rehabilitation, and is particularly helpful following surgical interventions.

Therapeutic massage can be utilized as a stand-alone treatment or combined with prescription exercise programmes. Massage therapy can be customized to focus on particular muscle groups that are used in specific sports. It’s most effective when implemented on a regular schedule of two to four weeks to keep muscles and soft tissues in condition for peak performance.

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Clinical Pilates Places Patients on the Fast Track to Recovery


Locating a physiotherapist in a foreign country that speaks a particular language and is familiar with a different culture can be difficult. For patients seeking a Pilates class in Tokyo, English speaking expatriates turn to Tokyo Physio in Japan. The practice specializes in sports injuries and has an extensive selection of therapeutic techniques at its disposal for treatment, management and rehabilitation.


Tokyo Physio is unique among the world’s physiotherapy practices. The therapists are all world-class athletes who have competed and triumphed in international competition. They’re cognizant of the specialized training, treatment and rehabilitation needs of professional athletes and bring that elevated level of expertise to athletes at all levels of ability.


One of the most beneficial therapeutic tools at the clinic’s disposal is clinical Pilates, a form of exercise that’s specially designed for those with injuries, who are at risk of further injury and those who require rehabilitation. It’s effective for building core and pelvic strength, and appropriate for women preparing for childbirth and for those who want to rehab their body to its pre-pregnancy condition.


Clinical Pilates utilizes flowing, controlled movements and state-of-the-art equipment to assist patients in relieving pain, maintaining range of movement and mobility, and improving stability. It’s effective for treating injuries, for rehabilitation, and management programs for chronic illnesses and conditions. The practice specializes in sports injuries, but its doors are open to all patients.


The practice has a completely refurbished and fully equipped Pilates studio. Clinical Pilates is offered as a stand-alone therapy experience and can be combined with other methods for maximum benefit, depending upon the needs of the patient. Programs are designed around the client’s level of ability and modified to reflect the changing needs and progress of the patient.


Classes have a maximum of three participants, enabling each person to receive the personalized attention they deserve, and individual sessions are available when needed. Classes of 30 to 90 minutes can be scheduled and the clinic offers discounts on session packages of 10 classes.


Clinical Pilates aids in preventing injuries, facilitating rehabilitation and in the restoration of normal movement. It’s an important tool for improving strength and stability, and addressing the needs of those who have experienced a variety of injuries. Clinical Pilates eases pain and places patients on a quick road to recovery.

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Physical Healthcare Offers Patients a One-Stop Wellness Solution


Highly trained medical professionals at Physical Healthcare offer patient services ranging from clinical Pilates and podiatry to psychology, speech pathology and physiotherapy. Physical Healthcare are conveniently located throughout Melbourne in Preston, Lalor, Gladstone Park, Hawthorn, Bulleen, Thomastown, St. Kilda and Sydenham.


The practice offers a full range of medical services for patients of all ages to treat mind and body. Online appointment scheduling is available for client convenience at any of the clinic locations and patients can choose which practitioner they wish to see.


Specializing in physiotherapy for sports injuries, the practice has expanded its services to meet the changing needs of patients to create a one-stop healthcare solution. Clinicians assess, diagnose and treat an extensive array of injuries, illnesses and chronic diseases. Complete management plans are designed to assist patients in reaching their health-related goals and maintain quality of life.


Thoroughly modern techniques and technology are utilized throughout the practice to ensure clients have access to the most effective treatments available. A registered dietician assists individuals with nutrition, healthy food choices and specialized dietary needs. The expertise of the clinic’s speech pathologist works with children experiencing speech problems that can make communication and learning difficult.


Multiple methods are available to treat injuries occurring at work, home, school or during sports participation. Hands-on techniques are offered to treat immediate injuries and those with lingering effects. Physiotherapy is an essential element in recoveries and post-surgical rehabilitation. Practitioners treat conditions affecting joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, along with the physical effects of chronic diseases.


Therapies are designed to ease pain, restore functionality and maintain mobility. They can be used as individual treatments or combined with other techniques. Therapeutic massage, hydrotherapy and clinical Pilates programs may be employed to arrive at the best outcome for patients. Treatments are effective for relaxation, improving function, and enhancing sports performance.


The practice’s podiatrist treats conditions that include bacterial, fungal and viral infections of the feet. Patients can obtain relief and management strategies for chronic illnesses that affect the foot in various ways. The clinic is also a complete psychological resource for mental health issues, performance enhancement and other conditions that have an impact on patients’ health and daily life.

Physical Healthcare can be reached by phone at +61 1300 581 625. For more information, visit Physical Healthcare online.

Bike Fits are Essential for Novice and Professional Riders


Competition bikers have long known the benefits of coordinating their body and bike for efficient cycling that helps prevent injury. Now even weekend bicyclists can ride like a pro with the services of The Body Mechanic, the premiere bike fit service Sydney.


A bike fit at The Body Mechanic are conducted by physiotherapists that are also world-class athletes who have competed successfully in some of the most physically demanding international competitions available. They know the challenges bikers face and understand the value of an in-depth bike fit.


Bike fitters recommend that individuals be measured before acquiring a bike, or having one custom made, but it’s not an absolute necessity. One of the most common mistakes made by bikers is choosing a saddle that’s too narrow for their body. The bike seat must support more than half a rider’s weight and it must do so comfortably or pain and injury occurs.


A bike saddle is an item that must be fitted to the rider’s bone structure and type of riding to be performed. Bike fitters are able to determine what type of saddle is the best fit for the rider’s posterior – narrow, wide, flat, curved, one with squarish dimensions or one with extra padding. The proper height will also be ascertained.


To ensure a strong downward pedal stroke, a bike fitter will factor in the individual’s shoes and match the pedal cleats to the rider’s leg length and strength. Even small adjustments will have a significant impact on the rider’s efficiency. Bad positioning habits will be corrected to avoid pain and injury.


Skill level, the type of riding and the terrain all affect how clients ride their bikes. A bike fitter factors those elements into his calculations, along with any injuries or limitations the rider may have or be experiencing.


A professional bike fitting aligns riders and their machines into a complete whole that’s beautiful to behold. A properly fitted bicycle doesn’t cause pain, helps the rider avoid multiple types of injuries, and makes their efforts more streamlined, powerful and efficient. Most of all, individuals can fully enjoy the freedom and joy of riding whether it’s recreational or competitive.


Located at Bay 10, Middlemiss St. in Lavender Bay, fans can follow the practice on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Massage Therapy – An Integral Component of Myotherapy


Since its inception in the 1970s, myotherapy has become one of the most often used methods for assessing, treating and rehabilitating injuries. The hands-on technique encompasses multiple methods that can be used alone or in combination with other therapies. Massage Glen Waverley is a premiere destination for effective myotherapy treatment.


One of the best known types of myotherapy is massage therapy. It’s an effective means of relieving pain, maintaining mobility and rehabilitating injuries. Different types of massage are utilized depending on the needs and requirements of the patient. Therapeutic massage can be used for immediate injuries and those that have persistent effects.


Massage treats issues with the soft tissues of the body. It increases circulation, directing blood flow where it’s needed most. Massage therapy works with the body’s own abilities to facilitate healing. Therapeutic massage can be adapted and modified to accommodate the changing needs and improvement of the patient. It’s especially beneficial for people who have developed scar tissue.


Remedial massage provides healing manipulation for tendons and muscles. Depending upon the complaint, remedial massage can be deep or shallow, gentle or vigorous. The focus is pain relief of immediate and chronic conditions, but it’s also an effective means of removing toxins from the body and improving mobility. It calms the nervous system and increases circulation for improved cellular health.


Deep tissue massage is beneficial for chronic pain, muscle tension and injuries, realigning the deepest layers of muscle and connective tissue. Rigid tissue often accompanies injuries or chronic tension, creating impediments to circulation. The tissue blocks circulation and leads to inflammation, limited mobility and pain. Deep tissue massage breaks down blockages, restoring blood flow and normal range of movement.


Relaxation massage is similar to Swedish massage. The gentle technique eases tension and relaxes the muscles and nerves. Relaxed muscles are less likely to experience an injury and the therapeutic benefits extend beyond the physical. The relaxing massage of myotherapy promotes a sense of well-being and is effective in improving mood and easing depression.


Sports massage is a specialized form of myotherapy designed to ease pain and rehabilitate sports-related injuries. Massage methods are specific to the type of injury or condition being treated. Sports massage is effective in treating overtraining injuries and is used by Olympic-class athletes to enhance performance.


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For the Right Care of your Feet, See a Podiatrist



The disorders that affect the lower limb have a special physician who after a diagnosis can treat, rehabilitate or give preventive measures to stop the occurrence of the disorders. The physician is known as a Podiatrist or a Podiatric Physician. The physicians receive extensive education on this field of medicine, and since the feet disorders are related to other health problems the physicians have to work hand in hand with other health professionals. After treatment, physiotherapy or massage may be required and hence having such professionals at hand will make the work of a podiatrist a bit easy. If you are seeking for a Sandringham Podiatrist, you should then ensure that he or she has a team of professionals that they work together. This is what makes Sandringham Foot Clinic the favorite choice to patients seeking foot medical care.


Improved leg mobility and functionality can be done with the guidance of a Podiatrist. The best thing with their treatment procedures is that they do not need to use medicine to fix a medical problem. There are simple devices like Orthotics that are used to prevent joint and muscle pains. The devices, which are placed on the inside of the shoes provides support to the arch of the foot. This reduces the chances of injuries when you are doing strenuous chores. The redistribution of the weight of your body on the feet makes it easy to align them.


Podiatrists will also help to correct the developing feet of a child. If you find anomalies on the child’s feet, it is prudent to take the kid for checkup and the Podiatric Physician will advice you on the procedures that the correction requires. The conditions that can make your child need the attention of the Podiatrist are toe walking, inside or outward turning feet, limping, rumps or rushes, recurring pains and one condition that most parents ignore, which is tripping and falling frequently.


You will benefit from many other podiatric services when you visit us at Sandringham Foot Clinic. Visit our website for more information.