Physiotherapy For Children

Five dock physiotherapy offers a range of services for young children and even babies. You might not think that children need physiotherapy, but there are a number of reasons a child might need to go to a physiotherapist.

In some cases, physiotherapy croydon is required for children with developmental issues or neurological deficits. Other kids might not be able to see or hear properly and must go to a physiotherapist.

At the most basic level though, a kid could have a sports-related injury or another type of injury and require rehabilitation.

Why Children Should Go To A Paediatric Physiotherapist?

With a sports or activity-related injury, a visit to a physiotherapist is a given. Like any adult, you want your child to properly heal from an injury. Damaged muscles or ligaments need to be readjusted to movement and force. This is especially true when they are immobile in a cast or sling.

Still, children don’t have the same bodies as adults. They are in the process of developing mentally and physically, so they need different treatment options.

With the expertise of a pediatric physiotherapist, your child will get the best possible care. Pediatric physiotherapists know how to treat your child’s injury the correct way.

Why Children With Developmental Issues Might Need To Go To Physiotherapy?

However, it is not just injuries that may require physiotherapy. Children with disabilities and developmental issues need to see a physiotherapist. As we mentioned, pediatric doctors who specialize in physiotherapy know how children move. They also know how they should develop and move through each stage of life.

When there are delays in this development though, your child won’t be moving correctly, and this can greatly impact their growth and maturation. Kids should be moving according to the developmental stage they are in.

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Physiotherapists for kids can assess whether there are any issues. They will also help you come up with solutions for your child.

Several issues could manifest when a child is developmentally delayed. This includes anything from a delayed ability to crawl, walk, or grasp objects.

Many serious issues can cause this delay of a child’s development and require you to go to a physiotherapist. This includes conditions like cystic fibrosis, arthritis, down syndrome, chronic pain, and even brain injuries.

What To Expect During Your Child’s Physiotherapy Appointment?

Parents who accompany their child to a physiotherapy appointment should come prepared. This won’t be your typical physiotherapy session. In fact, you will probably spend more time with a pediatric physiotherapist. This is because they need more time to assess and fully diagnose any issues with your child.

In addition, children can become anxious or shy around new people. So it could take time for them to warm up and answer questions from a professional.

You will be involved with each step of the treatment throughout the duration of your child’s therapy as well. It can be a lot of work coming in weekly for appointments. But the sooner you get your child physiotherapy the better their outcomes will be. Especially in the case of developmental conditions. You need to act fast and get in contact with a pediatric physiotherapist.

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