Physiotherapy Frankston Takes a Whole Person Approach to Wellness

Physiotherapy provides patients with pain relief, rehabilitation and assistance with chronic conditions utilizing a whole person wellness model for exceptional patient outcomes. The practice provides care for patients of all ages and stages of life.

Physiotherapy care encompasses multiple techniques and methods that can be used singly and in combination. An individual treatment and management plan is developed for each patient to meet their treatment and wellness goals. Physiotherapy is equally appropriate for those who have undergone surgery, sustained an injury, and athletes who want to improve their performance.

Depending upon the diagnosis, the physiotherapy professionals may utilize mobilization and manipulation techniques to retrain the body in the proper way to move and maintain the health of neurological systems and soft tissues. The modalities are particularly important for patients that require long periods of inactivity during recuperation and those who may not be able to fully participate in therapeutic methods.

Exercise is a key element in rehabilitation, but that doesn’t mean a high-energy workout. Clinical Pilates is effective for building core and pelvic strength, balance and stability. The method is appropriate for those who require gentle rehabilitation and for reducing the risk of injuries.

Therapeutic massage and dry needling maintain the health of soft tissues and promotes healing. Massage is particularly effective for those with scar tissue. The techniques have a strong psychological benefit and are an integral part of smoking cessation and anger management programs, along with treating those suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

It’s important for nerves and muscles to maintain tone and strength during extended recuperations and following surgery. Electrotherapy and therapeutic ultrasound relieves pain while maintaining muscle and neurological function.

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Hydrotherapy utilizes water to buoy patients, reducing their body weight by 10 percent and enabling them to perform movements that might not be possible on dry land. It builds stability, endurance and strength and is especially effective for those with joint and neurological disorders.

Physiotherapy Frankston utilizes a whole person approach to wellness that incorporates multiple methods. The modalities are designed to alleviate pain, rehabilitate injuries and address neurological function to improve quality of life. 

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