The basic principles of Feng Shui

The term Feng Shui is a Chinese term which translates to mean wind and water respectively. This terminology developed out of a poem that expressed that human life was connected to the environment that surrounds him.

Feng shui consultant melbourne teaches that individuals should strike a balance with their living spaces and work surroundings and the natural world.

The essential principles for Feng Shui are the commanding position, the bagua, and the five elements. This is true for any energy healer melbourne consultants.

The commanding position: this is the spot in the room furthest from the door but not in immediate positioning with it. It places you the individual diagonal with the door where a clear sight of the door is always in view. This is the ideal position to spend majority of your time when in this room and your bed, desk, stove is diagonal to it where possible. The bed is said to stand for you, the desk an extension of your career and the stove signifying wealth and nourishment.

The bagua: this is considered as the feng shui energy map on the floor plan of the home. ‘Bagua’ translates to mean eight areas of life circumstances namely family, wealth, career, fame, helpful people, children, knowledge, partnerships and the ninth area being health and wellness representing you. Each of these areas have corresponding shapes, colors, numbers, earthly elements and seasons. Its important to choose from the list the three areas that you would like to improve then you strengthen your energy and your home’s energy by adding the recommended colors or shapes in that room.

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The five elements: this is sorted based on earth, metal, water, wood and fire. These elements are interconnected into life’s phases that work together in a complete system. Feng shui melbourne works to balance these five areas in your home and bagua. Incorporating these areas means to define where to place your focused energy.

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