Massage Therapy has Multiple Applications


Therapeutic massage is a mainstay at Physiotherapy. It’s effective for relieving pain, maintaining range of movement and as an aid in rehabilitation. Massage Caroline Springs can be relaxing, but when performed by one of the clinic’s experienced physiotherapists, it has the ability to accelerate healing, remove toxins from the body and enhance sports performance.

The practice provides remedial, deep tissue and sports massage, each of which has its own particular set of benefits. Massage is helpful in rehabilitating current and previous injuries, and those with chronic pain and disease. It’s especially beneficial for patients that have developed scar tissue.

Remedial massage is an integral element in stress management, to fight fatigue and for patients with low energy levels. It works with the body’s own healing mechanisms, stimulates the immune system and helps remove toxins from the body. Individuals suffering with the pain of tension and migraine headaches will find relief through massage.

The method is effective for addressing pain in the neck, back and shoulders arising from a wide variety of causes, ranging from improper sleep positions to repetitive motion problems. Remedial massage helps correct postural imbalances and resulting dysfunction.

Sports massage is one of the fastest growing types of therapy and is regularly utilized by premiere athletes around the world as part of their elite training programmes. It’s effective in preventing injuries, keeping soft tissues flexible and improving circulation. Sports massage stimulates the immune system, helps removes metabolic wastes resulting from intense exercise, and improves power and performance.

It’s an important therapeutic technique for easing the pain of injuries and identifying potential problem areas within the body where injuries are most likely to occur. Therapeutic massage shortens recovery time following training and competition. Massage therapy accelerates healing and rehabilitation, and is particularly helpful following surgical interventions.

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Therapeutic massage can be utilized as a stand-alone treatment or combined with prescription exercise programmes. Massage therapy can be customized to focus on particular muscle groups that are used in specific sports. It’s most effective when implemented on a regular schedule of two to four weeks to keep muscles and soft tissues in condition for peak performance.

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