Physical Healthcare Offers Patients a One-Stop Wellness Solution


Highly trained medical professionals at Physical Healthcare offer patient services ranging from clinical Pilates and podiatry to psychology, speech pathology and physiotherapy. Physical Healthcare are conveniently located throughout Melbourne in Preston, Lalor, Gladstone Park, Hawthorn, Bulleen, Thomastown, St. Kilda and Sydenham.


The practice offers a full range of medical services for patients of all ages to treat mind and body. Online appointment scheduling is available for client convenience at any of the clinic locations and patients can choose which practitioner they wish to see.


Specializing in physiotherapy for sports injuries, the practice has expanded its services to meet the changing needs of patients to create a one-stop healthcare solution. Clinicians assess, diagnose and treat an extensive array of injuries, illnesses and chronic diseases. Complete management plans are designed to assist patients in reaching their health-related goals and maintain quality of life.


Thoroughly modern techniques and technology are utilized throughout the practice to ensure clients have access to the most effective treatments available. A registered dietician assists individuals with nutrition, healthy food choices and specialized dietary needs. The expertise of the clinic’s speech pathologist works with children experiencing speech problems that can make communication and learning difficult.


Multiple methods are available to treat injuries occurring at work, home, school or during sports participation. Hands-on techniques are offered to treat immediate injuries and those with lingering effects. Physiotherapy is an essential element in recoveries and post-surgical rehabilitation. Practitioners treat conditions affecting joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, along with the physical effects of chronic diseases.

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Therapies are designed to ease pain, restore functionality and maintain mobility. They can be used as individual treatments or combined with other techniques. Therapeutic massage, hydrotherapy and clinical Pilates programs may be employed to arrive at the best outcome for patients. Treatments are effective for relaxation, improving function, and enhancing sports performance.


The practice’s podiatrist treats conditions that include bacterial, fungal and viral infections of the feet. Patients can obtain relief and management strategies for chronic illnesses that affect the foot in various ways. The clinic is also a complete psychological resource for mental health issues, performance enhancement and other conditions that have an impact on patients’ health and daily life.

Physical Healthcare can be reached by phone at +61 1300 581 625. For more information, visit Physical Healthcare online.

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